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Denver City pipeline
Why choosing HAPP™?  >  Technical Advantages

Technical Advantages

Pipeline cleaning with a HAPP™ offers the following technical advantages:

Pipeline operations:
  • Pipeline operation can continue while pigging.
Cleaning effectiveness:
  • The adjustable and controlled travel speed allows extraordinary pigging effectiveness: with only one single cleaning run the pipeline is 100% clean!
  • Deposit removal even out of pits.
  • Freeing of captured water stops pitting corrosion.
  • Various cleaning heads are available for removal of all kind of deposits.
  • The local pressure difference across HAPP™ can be transformed in any kind of cleaning energy (brush, high pressure fluid jets, rotating, etc.).
Debris removal:
  • Removed debris is constantly flushed downstream by the fluid flow through the pipeline and the HAPP™.
Pipeline geometry:
  • No limits in operation reach.
  • The HAPP™ construction allows negotiation of T-fittings, steps, deformed pipe ID, welding lines, elbows, etc.
  • No conventional pig blocking due to built up of debris plug in front of it.