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HAPP™ brake controls travel speed of ILI pigs in gas lines

A HAPP™ brake based on hydro-mechanics perfectly controls the travel speed of inline inspection (ILI) tools operated in gas pipelines.

Depending on the travel velocity it provides a defined counterforce to the driving gas pressure keeping the inspection tool at a constant travel speed.

HAPP™ speed control set-up

HAPP™ - ILI tool speed control set-up

The application of a HAPP™ brake is possible for i.e. MFL tools in gas lines or UT tools operated in a water batch in gas pipelines. Please click here for download of the HAPP™ Flyer - Speed control of ILI tools.

Collect reliable inspection data over the entire length of your gas pipeline by using a HAPP™ brake together with the intelligent pig of your choice!