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HAPP Technology Ltd.

International Pipeline Cleaning Services

Denver City pipeline
HAPP™ Service

HAPP™ Service

The service offered by HAPP Technology Ltd. is limited to professional onshore and offshore pipeline cleaning and comprises:

  1. Preparation of the cleaning run based on your information provided with the HAPP™ Questionnaire.
  2. Instructions for pipeline preparation prior to a cleaning run.
  3. If necessary: manufacturing of HAPP™ equipment.
  4. Shipment of HAPP™ equipment on-site.
  5. Provision of experienced service personnel.
  6. Professional set-up of HAPP™'s cleaning parameters in order to achieve an optimal cleaning result.
  7. Performance of one (if necessary: several) cleaning run(s).
  8. A comprehensive & professional cleaning report.
  9. Shipment of HAPP™ equipment off-site.