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The HAPP™ technology

Whereas common pipeline cleaning pigs usually apply a passive cleaning force between the pig and the pipeline inner wall to be cleaned, a HAPP™ applies high pressure fluid jets for deposit removal. The fluid therefore simply is the fluid transported in the pipeline.
As generally known, high pressure water jets can apply very strong forces on surfaces to be cleaned. If desired ultra high pressure water jets can even be applied for cutting concrete or steel.

In order to create the high pressure fluid jets, a HAPP™ takes advantage of the omnipresent kinetic energy of the transported fluid.
A part of this energy is needed to travel through the pipeline. Another share is used to create the high pressure fluid jets. The pipeline under pressure, HAPP™ applies these jets for deposit removal ahead of itself and this wherever it is located along the line.

In order to maintain the original operating flow rate of the pipeline only the pumping pressure needs to be increased by 100 to 400 psi (7 to 27 bars) (see also Requirements).

HAPP™ after a cleaning job

6" HAPP™ after a cleaning job