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Denver City pipeline
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Clean pipelines with only one single pigging run

Cleaning result: Removed deposit Depending on the deposit to be removed, cleaning heads are specifically designed.

HAPP Technology Ltd. has access to more than 15 years hydraulic pipeline cleaning experience of Aqua Drill. The knowledge of choosing the right cleaning tool design for the deposit to be tackled is indispensable for the cleaning success.

Applying the correct HAPP™ travelling speed and the appropriate cleaning head, one single cleaning run removes all deposits.

In comparison to other common pipeline cleaning methods, HAPP™ cleaning is extremely effective. It allows you to save a great amount of cleaning time and thus reducing your downtime costs.

Cleaning of heavily waxed pipelines

Wax deposits are removed and mulched into small wax flakes which are easily transported downstream the pipeline.

8 inch test pipe with 26mm wax layer (46% blocked) Cleaning result: wax flakes