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The HAPP™ (Hydraulically Activated Power Pig) technology is a development of Aqua Drill International Inc. (Aqua Drill).

Aqua Drill's core business is pipeline cleaning applying high-pressure water jets. External pumps provide high-pressurized water via hoses to a cleaning head that is inserted into the pipeline. By rotating the cleaning head, the very strong jets remove even hardest deposits. This technology works very satisfactory and is successfully applied in the market for more than 25 years. Unfortunately it is limited in reach as hoses from a certain length become too long for manoeuvring. The desire to apply high-pressure water jet cleaning also for longer pipelines was one initiator for the development of the HAPP™ technology.

Basically all pipeline operators regularly face problems with pipelines operating inefficiently due to undesired deposit formation. Pigging technology available on the market not always manages to re-establish the desired pipeline usability. In a large number of cases refurbishment of severely blocked pipelines becomes very costly. As a consequence the market required the development of innovative and more efficient pipeline pigging hardware.

The first ideas originate from the end of the 90th. It took several years to design and construct a first prototype, to conduct all necessary mechanical and functional tests and to receive comprehensive patent protection. Today HAPP™ service for pipeline cleaning is ready for use and can be obtained from HAPP Technology Ltd., exclusive licensee of this technology.