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HAPP Technology Ltd.

International Pipeline Cleaning Services

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HAPP Technology Ltd.

HAPP™ cleaning scheme HAPP Technology Ltd. is a specialised international service company for professional pipeline pigging.
It exclusively offers the Hydraulically Activated Power Pig technology (HAPP™) for all kind of pipeline cleaning / pigging problems.

With regard to common pipeline pigging methods, the HAPP™ technology allows comprehensive cleaning of a pipeline with only one single run while the line remains in operation. Pipeline operators therefore benefit from less opex at continuous operations. With the entire product flow flushing downstream all removed deposits, there remains no risk of the pig getting blocked due to plug formation in front of it.

The HAPP™ technology is notably appropriate for:

  • Non-standard and difficult pipeline cleaning / pigging jobs.
  • Pipeline cleaning / pigging jobs which need to be carried out while the pipeline has to be kept in operation.
  • Pipeline cleaning / pigging jobs desiring an exceptionally clean pipeline (i.e. a prerequisite for intelligent or smart pigging).
  • Cleaning jobs that need to be completed in one single run or a very short time.
  • Pipelines already subject to a regular pigging program (i.e. for wax removal) but still requiring a more powerful cleaning run from time to time in order to prevent build-up of hard scale.

Our service is available worldwide, onshore and offshore.